Hello! There are some articles and sites I have learned a lot from. I want to sort and share them with you.

  1. Git Learning!!!

  2. Understanding Linux configuration files

  3. 802.11 Mgmt : Deauth & Disassociation Frames
    Form a CCIEW.

  4. Learning The Linux Shell
    Another Shell Learning Site
    Linux Tools Quick Tutorial

  5. Linux C 编程一站式学习
    A very good book and easy to understand about Linux and C language.
    Guide to Linux Network Programming Using Internet Sockets

  6. Stack Frame Layout on x86-64

  7. Introduction of Frequently-used Licenses

  8. Linux selinux Intro

  9. 魅族内核团队

  10. LWN.net
    LWN.net is a reader-supported news site dedicated to producing the best coverage from within the Linux and free software development communities.

  11. AR BookFinder US
    Searching for books with a corresponding Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360® quiz is easy with AR BookFinder.

  12. The Linux man-pages Project

  13. Getting Started with Android

  14. RFCs

  15. 神箭手-云爬虫平台

  16. Ephemeral File Sharing
    Convenient, anonymous and secure.

  17. Have I been pwned?

  18. Domain Name Backorders and Auctions
    Super simple domain name backorders for hackers.

  19. Easy Bulk Nameserver Redirects

  20. Harttle Land

  21. Linux 0.11 实验环境

  22. 跟我一起写 Makefile

  23. DigitalOcean
    Cloud computing, designed for developers.

  24. C/C++ reference

  25. Mutilpath TCP

  26. A very good JSON Parser tutorial

  27. Nginx 开发从入门到精通

  28. Google double-conversion
    Efficient binary-decimal and decimal-binary conversion routines for IEEE doubles.

  29. LKML.org
    This site is the (unofficial) Linux Kernel Mailing List archive.